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Six Decades of Potash Mining in Saskatchewan: Major Achievements + Some of the Challenges Ahead (Part 1: Underground Mining)
Arnfinn Prugger
Arnfinn Prugger
Dave Mackintosh
Dave Mackintosh
CIM ACADEMY. Faculty / Presenters . 11/25/21; 346583 Topic: Mining Operations
Arnfinn Prugger
Dave Mackintosh
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"Looking back on the past 60 years of potash mining history in Saskatchewan, we thought about some of the great challenges that workers had to overcome in order to make the potash industry in our province as successful as it is today. What are the major achievements attained by Saskatchewan potash engineering and technical staff over the past 60 years? You can make up your own list, but here is what we came up with: 
Shaft Sinking in the Saskatchewan Sedimentary Basin (1950’s à 1960’s) 
Understanding Saskatchewan Potash Geology (1960’s à Present) 
Mine Design: room & pillar à stress-relief mining (1970’s à 1980’s) 
Understanding & Mitigating Ground Hazards / Risk (1970’s à Present) 
Development of Continuous Mining / Ore Haulage Systems (1960’s à 1970’s) 
Understanding Sask Hydrogeology & Mitigating Inflow Risk (1980’s à 2010’s) 
In this presentation we will cover some of the history of each challenge, and discuss the solutions worked out for each difficulty. Note that we will focus only on underground mining challenges since this is our area of expertise – we will leave it to others to come up with a similar discussion of processing accomplishments that were realized over the past 60 years (i.e. “Part 2: Potash Processing”). We end the talk with a brief discussion of what we see as challenges ahead for the Saskatchewan potash industry; these are topics that we both wondered about, but never resolved, during our working lifetimes."
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