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This program was hosted on April 28th (Part I) and April 29th (Part II) at 2:00 -6:00 pm (4h) EDT (8:00 PM - 12:00 AM CEST).

An on-demand version is available for this activity.

About this activity:

Glencore Technology has been investing in driving innovative industry improvements in the minerals processing space for over 35 years. The fine grinding IsaMill and highly efficient Jameson Cell technologies have been the cornerstone of our success. Both technologies have undergone significant change and improvements which now places us in a unique position to help influence and drive a more sustainable and profitable future.

Hosted by Glencore Technology, this workshop delves into the fundamentals that make these technologies so unique and also explore’s the latest developments that we believe will strongly influence decision making on future concentrator designs. We will describe the process we undergo when sizing equipment selections and what considerations are important.

The course outline includes:

IsaMill Technology

IsaMill Fundamentals – How does the IsaMill work? What different factors influence how it efficiently it operates? Different checks that can be conducted to maximise the life of the internal components?

IsaMill Benefits – Why is the default preference to design the IsaMill in open circuit? Why are the particular materials selected for use in the IsaMill?, What energy efficiency opportunites exist for the IsaMill? Whats been done to create the new IsaMills (M7,500, M20,000, M30,000) in the new reduced footprint design?.

IsaMill Testwork and Scale-up – How does the signature plot work?, Whats the impact of sample size in the test?, Media selection and the importance of 1:1 scale up. 

IsaMill Size Selection – How do we size an IsaMill?

Jameson Cell

Jameson Cell Fundamentals – How does the Jameson Cell Work? What factors influence how it operates?

Jameson Cell Benefits – Why the design allows for a small footprint? Why is the OPEX so low for a Jameson Cell? What new Jameson Cells have recently come on the market?

Testwork Options and Scale-up – How does the scale up work? What can we do to simulate a Jameson Cell?

Flowsheet and Design Considerations – Understanding the carrying capacity limitations of the design? The benefits of the cleaner circuit layout? How the roughers and scavengers are configured for a full scale installation.

Jameson Cell size Selection – How do we size a Jameson Cell?

The Future

Full Concentrator Concept – What does the full circuit look like?

Full Concentrator Benefits and Examples - What are th CAPEX and OPEX savings expected? What do these look like in different commodities?

Business Direction – Where GT is headed with new full circuit design?

Our goal for attendees is to come away with a strong understanding of our technologies regarding fundamentals, design and future opportunities.

Before April 29th

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Glenn Stieper – Mineral Processing Manager

Glenn Stieper is the manager for the mineral processing team at Glencore Technology. Glenn has over 20 years working in engineering projects and design, laboratory testing and operations across most commodities. Glenn holds an Executive MBA and Postgraduate certificate in Extractive Metallurgy.

Ion Gurnett – Senior Metallurgist

Ion Gurnett is currently working in the mineral processing team at Glencore Technology with a focus  on the IsaMill ™ Technology. He has worked both, Operations and Project roles within the mineral processing industry for 10 years in both Australia (Mount Isa Mines) and North America (Red Dog Mine).

Adam Price – Senior Processing Engineer

Adam Price is currently the Senior Processing Engineer at Glencore Technology focusing on the Jameson Cell Technology. He has worked in Operations within the mineral processing industry for 10 years at Glencore’s Mount Isa Mines and McArthur River Mine before transferring to Glencore Technology in 2018

April 28 Part I 2:00 - 6:00 PM EDT (8:00 PM - 12:00 AM CEST)
April 29 Part II 2:00 - 6:00 PM EDT (8:00 PM - 12:00 AM CEST)

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