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This course is an introduction to mining and mineral processing.  Basics concepts will be presented along with many pictures, videos, and anecdotes so that the participants will have a better understanding of public information provided by exploration and mining companies.

The course content includes:

  • The activities of a mining company
  • Geology
  • Resources estimation and reporting
  • Open pit mining
  • Underground mining
  • Mineral processing


By the end of the course, the participants will have basics knowledge of

  • how minerals are formed,
  • how we explore for them,
  • how we estimate how much there is in an orebody,
  • how we mine them, and
  • how we process them

This course is designed for people working in sales, HR, accounting, law, investment, and government who deal with geologist and engineers and need to understand the work they do. The knowledge gained here will help you ask the right questions when dealing with technical people.

To purchase access to the 2 session of this short course, please look for the "Add to cart" option in the Session 1 or Session 2 boxes below.

Non-Member price: $499 (Includes session 1 & session 2)

A discounted price is available for Members and Students.

Member price: $299 (Includes session 1 & session 2)

Student price: $149 (Includes session 1 & session 2)


Group registration: for registrations of 5 participants or more please contact Mélanie Gauthier:

George McIsaac is a mining engineer and a mineral economist focused on orebody assessment. He has 35 years’ experience in industry, consulting, research and development, and teaching. He specializes in project economics, combining design, planning, and cash flow estimation, to guide mining executives. George is a member of the Mining Basics Group of Canada.,

Mining 101: Session 1
Mining 101: Session 2

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